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viGO! Salad box size S - 25 pcs

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viGO! Salad box size M - 25 pcs

20.92 zł gross 34.87 zł
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viGO! Salad box size L - 25 pcs

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viGO! Containers with closing 350 ml - 20 pcs

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viGO! Containers with closingg 500 ml - 20 pcs

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viGO! Lunch box with fork 500 ml - 4 pieces

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viGO! Lunch box with fork 750 ml - 4 pieces

4.43 zł gross 11.37 zł

viGO! Styrofoam container - 62L

85.03 zł gross

viGO! Styrofoam container - 14L

23.00 zł gross

viGO! Styrofoam container - 19,5L

34.14 zł gross

viGO! Styrofoam container - 33L


viGO! Styrofoam container - 48L

73.98 zł gross

Boxes – Roomful and durable

Going on a picnic and everything you have already prepared-sandwiches with cheese, fruit, tea and cheesecake. You are only Missing... The Right box where you can pack food! It's a disaster, you don't have to move picnic dishes in your backpack without proper protection. Don't Panic – Just a few clicks to order the large, durable containers from Vigo that you will use on your next picnic.

We are confident that these will be the best boxes you had to deal with. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, so that they meet the expectations of even the most demanding Customers. We know the importance of the durability of picnic containers, and in the end they often have to withstand a long journey, protecting food from destruction.

Choose the containers from our store!

We are a company that you can trust, and containers are something that we know perfectly. We Guarantee You high quality and high damage resistance – with our containers, Your food will easily reach the designated place and it's in full!

Our containers are perfect for summer picnics, where you enjoy wild nature and delicious, fresh food. You do Not have to worry that the dishes that you want to move on a picnic, will be destroyed, or worse, fall out of the container! Closure is simple but very effective – you never had to deal with such tightness.