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Disposable plastic cups

Disposable plastic cups

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6.00 zł - 16.00 zł

viGO! Styrofoam cups 300 ml - 10 pcs

6.33 zł gross

viGO! Bio paper cups with dispersion coating white 250ml 25pcs

11.86 zł gross

viGO! Bio paper cups with dispersion coating white 330ml 25pcs

13.00 zł gross

Disposable plastic Cups dedicated to cold drinks. Grab a party!

Disposable plastic Cups are simply indispensable on summer picnic, or all sorts of outdoor events. This is due to their low price, versatility and practicality, because they work equally well at children's and adults ' events for the former, they protect against the breakage of traditional glasses, and in the case of the second... Well, you fall off a troublesome washing problem!

Disposable plastic Cups make life easier

In viGO! You will find cups packed after 6, 30 and as many as 100 pieces. Thanks to this, you will be able to provide both an intimate meeting, a home and a great picnic. Honestly? We today do not imagine any dożynek, or outdoor events without disposable plastic cups. It's just too much facilitation for everyone!