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Aluminium disposable baking forms

Aluminium disposable baking forms

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6.00 zł - 8.00 zł

viGO! Platter in aluminium size M - 3 pcs

6.33 zł gross

viGO! Platter in aluminium size L - 2 pcs

7.31 zł gross

Aluminum molds for disposable baking. Perfect for casseroles or roast!

Our disposable aluminium baking mold is lightweight but also suitable for stiffness. This ensures that the food does not degenerate, even in the most crowded refrigerator. It's sure that Your dish will always look perfect, and we also eat eyes, right? So Surprise everyone by preparing perfect casserole, roast or pâté. Especially since our disposable aluminium baking mold does not need to be lubroed with grease. This is an obvious health benefit.

Aluminum disposable Baking mold will find your place in any kitchen

It's just a fact. The versatility of these products Stands behind this. The one-off Aluminium baking mold is well suited for both meat and confectionery baking. For This, it is a very practical dish. It will Serve You to form, bake, freeze and store your products.