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Plastic spoons

Plastic spoons

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1.00 zł - 8.00 zł
  • -40%

viGO! Coffee spoon - 10 pcs

1.89 zł gross 3.16 zł
  • -40%

viGO! Coffee spoon - 24 pcs

2.44 zł gross 4.06 zł
  • -40%

viGO! BIO Teaspoons - 25 pieces

7.80 zł gross 13.00 zł

viGO! Reusable teaspoons 6pcs wood fiber

3.24 zł gross

viGO! Reusable teaspoons 25pcs wood fibre

Plastic Teaspoons, which are not terrible even the most harsh conditions. Vi-Go surprising again quality!

Going to Biwak? Or maybe you're organizing A bigger outdoor party? In this case, hot drinks will be needed! However, Coffee or tea should be sent and there is a problem here-classic teaspoons can not always take with you. What Other plastic teaspoons! These will be perfect, especially because they are made of material, which is not terrible boiling water! It's an absolute convenience and comfort.

You can take plastic Teaspoons absolutely everywhere

Our plastic spoons are available in three kits packed in 10, 24 and 100 pieces. For This, you have a choice of white or black color. The Choice is Yours. However, you Can be sure that regardless of the conditions and tasks that are facing our products, we will not fail. Plastic spoons Themselves are ideal for eating cakes or mixing hot drinks.