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Baking paper in sheets

Baking paper in sheets

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viGO! Baking paper in sheets size L - 20 pcs

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viGO! Premium Baking paper in sheets size L - 20 pcs

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viGO! Premium Baking paper white 20 sheets RS

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Baking paper 500 sheets

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Handy baking paper in sheets from ViGO!

We Know that the need for baking paper is enormous. This is Best checked in sheets, no wonder – it is convenient to use and effectively saves time, which with normal baking paper, you would have to sacrifice to cut it off from the rest of the roll. This is especially important when you are in a hurry to prepare for example lunch. Then every minute counts, so make this task together with our products! You Can be sure that with our baking paper you do not pollute the environment – it is 100% biodegradable.

Efficient baking paper in sheets – put on the functionality!

How many times have You ever burst the baking paper that wasn't in the sheets? Definitely too much, right? Then put on our functional, simple to use proposal. Thanks to it, save not only time, but also paper, which normally in the destruction would probably hit the trash immediately. The Use of the sheets is much simpler, so don't leave the paper in the roll and change your kitchen habits for the better. Cooking has never been so enjoyable!