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Packing bags on a roll

Packing bags on a roll

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viGO! Sandwich bags with ears size L - 150 pcs

10.56 zł gross

Rolls on a roll – useful even at home

Surely you know them from the shops, you pack in them rolls, fruits and vegetables, which are then weighed and valued at the checkout. Yes-It's a roll of a roller, with which you literally have a daily contact. It's Hard to imagine any shopping without them, and in recent times they have become simply indispensable. But does such a system have only good sites? Of Course, it is not-in stores often throws off the usable advertising on the roll! To avoid wasting material and contaminating the environment it is worth having... Your adverbs.

These from our store are very reminiscent of the ones you can meet in the food industry, with one small difference-our are much more durable and well suited for repeated use. With your advertising on the roll, you reduce the consumption of plastics and improve the quality of the environment. This is a small step that is of great importance. It's a good idea to stock up on a roll!

Rolls on the roll – advantages

The rolls on the roll have a lot of advantages – they are mostly inexpensive and allow instant, long access to the grids, which can be useful at literally every moment. You Can pack in them: sandwiches, cookies, candies, spices... All! It's really very convenient and effective. Our rolls on a roll are so durable that you can use them repeatedly, so you will have a lot longer.

Shopping in our shop is a certainty of high quality products that are durable and resistant to damage. Advertising on the roll from Vigo! They Provide You with a long freshness of food, obtained by a sealed closure, which also affects the impermeability of fats and water.

The rolls are useful in any kitchen

Every Kitchen has the necessary gadgets, sometimes seemingly unnoticeable, without which it is difficult to do. These Can be used to pass the advertisements on the roll-the essentials in case of a small shopping accident. You can also store food such as Bread. This way it will keep you fresh, and You'll again be able to make a fresh bread roll with your favorite vegetables again. The Commercials on the roll have gained so many supporters for a reason, becoming the basic equipment of many shops.

Tear-off Advertisements are known for their practicality

The Ripper is made of safe HDPE film, which is famous for its properties. It Does not affect the taste or smell of food, while allowing the stored products to retain freshness longer. You can be sure that this purchase is perfect, especially as it is not a big expense.