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Home baking paper

Home baking paper

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3.00 zł - 14.00 zł

viGO! Baking paper 6 m

3.24 zł gross

viGO! Baking paper 8 m

6.50 zł gross

viGO! Baking paper 12 m

6.41 zł gross

viGO! Baking paper 20 m


viGO! Bio baking paper 8m

9.75 zł gross

Safe Home Baking paper

We are confident that your home baking paper is something you need – Finally, with its help, you will bake your favorite foods faster, without the need for time-consuming greezing of the sheet! It's Hard to find a person who would like this action, not enough that takes a lot of time, it's still very dirty. In this case, the baking paper (home) is the best solution, thanks to which the cooking becomes much more enjoyable.

With This product you will be able to indulge in a non-fatty baking, which is definitely healthier, since this traditional. Excess fat can contribute to overweight and various life-threatening diseases, so it is worth to put on homemade baking paper – it's very healthy! And what A comfortable... You will Save a lot of time on the greating of the sheet, it is enough that you put it in paper and ready-you can immediately go for baking!

Homemade Baking paper – a dough that does not adhere to the mould

If you often resigned from making pastries, mainly because the dough adheres to the mold – today you can change it. Just buy homemade baking paper from our store and you'll find out how easy it is to bake the dough, ensuring maximum comfort. No more scorer and Zakalcem, Your baked goods will never adhere to the mold, so you can easily remove them!

The Possibility of mutual use protects not only Your dough, but also the mould-this means that the home baking paper will not stick to the mold or to bake, so after a finite task you will get rid of it with ease, with which you have not previously You had to deal with.