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Paper bags

Paper bags

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0.00 zł - 13.00 zł

viGO! Paper bags with handle size L - 5 pcs

13.00 zł gross
  • -80%

viGO! Bio paper trash bags 10L - 10 pcs

0.71 zł gross 3.57 zł

Paper Bags. To make us all alive better!

Ecological Movements are not an invention – climate change is visible to the naked eye, and scientists have been beating the alarm for years. In viGo! We do not remain passive, so we introduced paper bags to the offer. Of Course, the whole is available in two sizes: M and L, and in the package itself you will find 5 pieces. The material is intended for contact with food, so you can confidently carry and store tasty meals.

Paper Bags are distinguished by their excellent durability

With durable material and a comfortable handle, paper bags work perfectly. You No longer need to pack your purchases into plastic "disposable cards" that poison the environment and break down for hundreds of years, thrown into landfill, or worse – to the woods. Especially because the paper bags are simply more practical – silicone-coated paper is resistant to grease!