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3.00 zł - 9.00 zł

viGO! Standard Barbeque sticks - 50 pcs

3.16 zł gross
  • -40%

viGO! Container with closing 350 ml - 4 pcs

6.34 zł gross 10.56 zł
  • -40%

viGO! Containers with closing 500 ml - 4 pcs

8.24 zł gross 13.73 zł

viGO! BIO skewer sticks 40pcs 25cm


viGO! BIO Toothpicks 250x6.5cm

3.24 zł gross

Picnic Accessories You need

When The weather is great, many people feel at ease for a stroll, or a picnic with family and friends. To do this, you need the right accessories, finally, hard to take the food in the Wombe of nature in a handful-it is necessary, among other things, to pack appropriately. Without that nor move, just. Decide to buy functional accessories and enjoy your time with your loved ones outdoors. It is worth to leave the house from time to time, especially when the sun is exceptionally warm!

What Picnic accessories to choose?

First of all, You'll Need accessories to help You transport your food, and don't forget about something you can eat without a problem! Not every dish can be eaten without the use of additional tools. At The dough, of course, there will be no problem, however, in the case of soup, or salads will come in handy something that you can transfer the dish to your mouth. We are confident that with the help of our accessories you will organize a perfect picnic, which is pleased not only to You but also Your loved ones.