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Foil Gloves

Foil Gloves

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viGO! Plastic gloves - 100 pcs

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Foil Gloves – High product quality

If you've come here, it means that your foil gloves are something you need! We Offer You the highest quality that ensures good protection of the skin with little invasive work. This is the perfect equipment to help You keep the right hygiene measures (for example, on stalls with bread or petrol stations), ensuring Your safety. They Protect against all sorts of dirt, which is good not only for You, but also for the environment in which you reside.

If you need to be sure to meet all hygienic product and employee protection requirements, be sure to obtain foil gloves – preferably in a large inventory! They Can be used not only in the industry, but also at home, while cleaning, or cooking. They are also Ideal, as a contribution to thicker gloves, are comfortable and allow the skin to breathe.

Foil Gloves from Vigo!

We Offer You the best plastic gloves, whose high quality of workmanship ensures their durability and efficiency. Thanks to the molten film surface, the gloves do not slip, which greatly facilitates their use. They are extremely comfortable and designed in such a way as to distinguish themselves with their excellent practicality.

Foil Gloves from Vigo! are so thin that mobility is at a really high level. In addition, they do not adhere to the skin, so that the hand is less sweat (which could cause a considerable discomfort or even burns and painful traces!). For heavier work, it is recommended to supplement with other gloves – because they are not resistant to mechanical damage.

Plastic Gloves for contact with food

In viGO! We offer foil gloves, which have all the necessary approvals to allow them to come into contact with food. All thanks to the excellent material from which they are made-HDPE foil. You Could meet with this name by reviewing the package of breakfast bags. This is the best recommendation that plastic gloves can have.

You Can be sure that they will not affect the taste or smell of food they are in contact with in any way. You have an absolute manufacturer's warranty. It can be Evidenced by the fact that this type of product is the basis for dining options. Without it, it is impossible to meet the appropriate hygiene standards.

Plastic Gloves for both work and home cooking

Foil Gloves are perfect for protecting the skin of your hands when doing little invasive work. In the stands with bread, meat or petrol stations. They can also be an excellent contribution to other gloves in case of a more difficult or demanding task.

But That's not all. Foil Gloves will also be found in the home work, becoming the necessary equipment of Your kitchen. It is Worth mentioning that the molecule surface of the film reduces the slip of the glove to a minimum, which positively affects the safety.