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Baking sleeves

Baking sleeves

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viGO! Baking sleeve 3 m

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viGO! Baking sleeve 3 m

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Baking Sleeves? After all, it's a kitchen cry of fashion!

Every kitchen host knows About the suitability of the baking sleeves. However, we Often appreciate them when they are missing... And It's a fantastic gadget and an excellent example of the fact that no robe adors the man. This thin, inconible material allows you to prepare a tasty fat-free meat – something that is impossible in the frying pan (probably would end in the best case with scorches, and in the worst bad fire!). But not the meat itself is alive – fish and vegetables can also be prepared in it, each time enjoying not only the perfect taste, but also the feeling that it puts on a much healthier kitchen.

Baking Sleeves surprise their ususshome-aluminum Foil ensures the comfort of work in the kitchen

Polish cuisine, although it is one of the tastiest in the world (this is the opinion of almost all foreign tourists!), is relatively heavy. However, it Can be improved by putting on baking sleeves. The Leak-proof packaging not only stops all the smell and taste in the dish itself, but also makes it healthier. For this, after a finished baking you will not have to ventilate kitchen-this perk is not possible to undermine!