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Pizza boxes

Pizza boxes

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44.00 zł - 45.00 zł

viGO! Standard Pizza boxes 22 x 22 cm - 25 pcs

44.95 zł gross

Pizza Boxes have practical application

There Is even one person who does not like pizza? We seem to have not! Therefore, to offer viGO! We have Introduced special boxes for pizzas made of cardboard, which is resistant to high temperatures. This high-quality cardboard packaging has a range of applications, starting with a comfortable storage of Your favorite specialty, and ending with the transport of pizza, as a second breakfast. Who does not dream of such a snack, available at any time, hidden for non-pomarks in a bag or backpack?

Pizza Boxes Save Skin

Imagine that you have a fantastic pizza, full of favorite additions: mushrooms, shrimp, salami, pineapple... Snag in the fact that you just have to go urgently. To The University, to school, to work – wherever. Do you Think everything is lost? Nothing more wrong! You can pack it in our boxes and take it with you to eat along the way or just in your free time. Our Pizza boxes have already saved not one gourmet of this Italian specialty!