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Grill trays

Grill trays

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viGO! Aliminium grill trays size S - 3 pcs

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viGO! Aliminium grill trays size L - 4 pcs

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viGO! Aliminium grill trays size L - 10 pcs

16.01 zł gross

viGO! Aliminium grill trays - round size M - 2 pcs

5.68 zł gross

Grilled Trays. Without them, no admission can take place

Poles Love joint sitting and long conversations with food. Just take a little bit of sunshine so that the next person Is going to the store for coal, sausages, pork and black pudding. For this, the appropriate grill trays and the party ready! of Course, the indispensable partner in the preparations is viGO! You will find the necessary articles, including these grilled trays. What distinguishes them? First of all, You will make it easier to prepare juicy dishes, in addition, protecting the grill from difficult to clean up dirt.

Grilled Trays are a bunch of advantages

In Addition to its practicality, the grill trays are also a health benefit. They Limit the combustion of fat on fire. Thanks to them, you will prepare not only excellent sausage, evenly warmed neck, but also vegetables or even fruits! An Additional advantage is the fact that viGO! Protects the environment and the health of its Customers. Proof? Our trays are sold in polypropylene packaging, which is considered to be the most secure plastic for the PET. For this, the product itself is intended to come into contact with food, without affecting its smell or taste. You can see that our grill trays are the same advantages!