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LD Fragrance Bags

LD Fragrance Bags

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9.00 zł - 12.00 zł

viGO! Trash bags with string lavender 120L - 10 pcs

9.75 zł gross

viGO! LD eco bags tied blue lavender 120L 10 pieces


viGO! Eco LD bags knotted red strawberry 120L 10 pieces

11.62 zł gross

LD Bags Fragrance – Combine pleasantly with a useful

Full Rubbish bins can smell really unpleasant to avoid it, just invest in scented LD bags. Not quite that strong, it's still fragrant! Imagine that you are approaching a trash bag and you do not feel the repelled scent. Now It's possible in our store you will find these types of products and many more! We know how to play a sense of smell in our lives, so we decided to limit it to unpleasant odours by introducing the perfect LD fragrance bags into our range.

LD Bags Fragrance is a guarantee of quality!

In ViGO! We focus on quality, so each of our products goes through a series of specialized research before it hits the shelves of our shop. We Know that even the most demanding Customer can find something for ourselves. No Wonder – We put a lot of work into verifying our products, we want to make sure that only the best is going into our shop. LD Fragrance Bags are no exception – aromatic fragrance and super durability guaranteed!