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Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Cloths

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viGO! Premium Microfiber cloth universal 1 pc

6.09 zł gross

viGO! Premium Microfiber cloth for windows and mirrors 1 piece

6.67 zł gross

viGO! Standard Microfiber cloths universal 5 pieces

13.00 zł gross

viGO! RECYCLED microfiber cloth 1 pc.

6.90 zł gross

viGO! Premium Microfiber cloth for floors 1 piece

8.93 zł gross

viGO! Dust microfiber cloth size M - 3 pieces

4.87 zł gross

Ecological microfibre Cloth

The Problem of environmental pollution is becoming a louder subject, for not without reason, a man attaches his hand to him to stop him, more and more often need to put on ecological solutions. Did you know that used chemicals for washing countertops and floors also contaminate our natural habitat? That is why you should limit their consumption to a minimum. Microfiber Wigs make this task much easier – they are accurate, durable and to be able to wash any surfaces with just a little clean water. Sounds Great, right?

Microfiber Wigs are popular for not without reason!

It is enough to wash the cabinet thoroughly with a microfiber cloth! You'Ll be Amazed at how reliably you can clean the selected surface without the help of liquids or spreads! Cleaning has never been so easy! Put on an ecological microfiber cloth and take care of the order in your home together with us. Microfiber Fiber is extremely resistant to washing, it is really very durable.