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viGO! BIO Kubki papierowe 500 ml - 6 sztuk

3.90 zł gross 6.50 zł

viGO! BIO Paper cups 250 ml - 6 pcs

3.73 zł gross
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viGO! BIO Paper cups 330 ml - 6 pcs

2.63 zł gross 4.38 zł

viGO! BIO Paper cups 400 ml - 6 pieces

6.25 zł gross
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viGO! BIO Paper cups 250 ml - 6 pcs

1.94 zł gross 3.24 zł
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viGO! BIO Paper cups 330 ml - 6 pcs

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viGO! BIO Paper cups 330 ml - 6 pcs

4.87 zł gross
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viGO! BIO Paper cups 330 ml - 20 pcs

6.30 zł gross 10.32 zł

Expanded polystyrene Cups for cold and warm drinks

Styrofoam Cups have the advantage of being well suited for warm drinks. You can Easily prepare coffee or your favorite tea. For this, the material itself does not affect the taste of the beverage the least. But That's not all. Polystyrene Foam perfectly protects your hands from heat, so you are sure you will not burn. This is especially important for children. In viGO! We confess the principle that it is not worth the risk. Especially the health of babies.

Styrofoam Cups are the most economical solution

Styrofoam Cups never fail, becoming an integral part of all events where more guests appear. Using glasses or traditional cups in such cases is particularly problematic. The Economical Styrofoam cups come to the rescue. The Main advantages we have already presented to You. Now check them out in practice – viGo! Guarantees that you will not be disappointed!