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Knurled aluminium foil

Knurled aluminium foil

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Aluminium Foil, brass, main features

You Wonder What the aluminum foil is characterized and what differs from that of the ordinary? This from Vigo! It Is above all very strong and incredibly durable – it will withstand even the highest temperatures (due to the safe structure you can use it for baking dishes in the oven) and will be useful not only in the kitchen! It Is a multifunctional helper, which can not miss in any house.

Brass aluminium foil from Vigo! It's a guarantee of the long-term freshness of many dishes – thanks to it you will easily pack food for picnic or school, confident that it will preserve its good taste and temperature. Have you Heard about the fact that the aluminum foil (with us moleted) is harmful to your health? There is some truth in this, but it only applies to low-quality film; Without fear, this from our store has a special adaptation to food, therefore using it, you do not have to worry about your health!

Aluminum Foil and its extraordinary applications

Did you know that aluminum foil can be helpful even outside the kitchen? Yes – This remarkable material has really a lot of surprising uses! Surely you have heard about the fact that you can use the foil To tighten the scissors (just a few times cut it), or clean the burnt pots. But there Are a few functions that you would probably not have fallen into; Here they are!

Aluminum Foil (even with the brass) will help You to preserve the fresh appearance of bananas, which without it very quickly browned; It is enough to put the tip of the fruit on it, and the longer it will be yellow. This extraordinary material will also make the ironing much easier – put the foil underneath the primer on the board to work out, to quickly iron your clothes. As you can see, the aluminium foil is a must for a single situation!