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Plastic glasses

Plastic glasses

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Capacity Capacity

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1.00 zł - 6.00 zł
  • -40%

viGO! Shot glasses 40 ml - 6 pcs

1.60 zł gross 3.16 zł
  • -40%

viGO! Wine glasses 180 ml - 8 pcs

5.77 zł gross 11.37 zł

Plastic Glasses. They must Not miss a party

In viGO! You will also find plastic glasses, both for vodka and for wine. This is the perfect solution when you need more cookware. And This is absolutely not true only for corporate, outdoor or catering events – even a more modest home party can be an excellent opportunity to try out plastic glasses. Advantages? In Addition to the low price, there is also no fear of being crushed. However, this often happens in the case of glasses.

Plastic Glasses are perfect for their role

Our plastic glasses have the same capacity as their traditional counterparts. For this, thanks to the use of a really durable material, they are extremely durable and tight. This is the perfect solution for all those who have practicality in the first place. We do not imagine accepting without this product!