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Food film large roll

Food film large roll

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29.00 zł - 30.00 zł

viGO! Standard Food foil 300 m

29.26 zł gross

Food Foil Large roll for long time

It is up to Everyone to keep their freshness in the refrigerator or freezer for as long as possible. Food Foil (large roll) from Vigo! Gives You guarantees of a long food today, which, despite the passage of time, does not lose its quality, nor permeates the scents of other products in the refrigerator. This Is why you can enjoy the taste of dishes even a few days after they are done!

The food Foil is located in every home, however a large roll is something You really need? No Problem – Our store has a roll of foil measuring up to 300 m! Such A quantity will surely last You for long, even if you have to pack large quantities of products. With its help you can pack in a manual or automatic manner; The product will be in both roles.

Durable Food film – Large roll

Our Proposed food foil (large roll) is very durable and resistant to any damage; Withstand even the toughest conditions, ensuring the freshness and quality of the products that cover. What about breathable properties? Calm down – you won't be disappointed! As we have taken care of the highest quality of our products, the food film (large roll) breathes, providing the packaged objects excellent exchange of oxygen and water vapour.

Our Food Film (large roll) is elastic and self-adhesive, making it perfectly adhered to wrapped products. This is why it is so effective in protecting the freshness of packaged food; Thanks to her you can be sure that the food you prepared will survive the transport.