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Plastic knives

Plastic knives

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1.00 zł - 9.00 zł
  • -40%

viGO! Knives - 24 pcs

1.64 zł gross 3.24 zł
  • -63%

viGO! BIO Knives - 6 pcs

1.28 zł gross 5.68 zł

viGO! BIO Knives - 10 pcs

6.17 zł gross
  • -40%

viGO! BIO Knives - 25 pcs

8.25 zł gross 16.25 zł

viGO! Bio Wooden knives 20 pieces

4.87 zł gross
  • -54%

viGO! Knives black - 24 pcs

1.78 zł gross 5.28 zł

viGO! Knives black - 100 pcs

4.87 zł gross

Our plastic knives are effective, but above all, safe. Vi-Go does not disappoint

Plastic Knives are wildy popular and it's hard to really wonder about this fact. Their versatility, lightness and functionality are ideal for almost any conditions. You can easily take them to a trip or a biwak without worrying about how to wash "classic" cutlery. For this, in Vi-Go we offer products with special approvals. You Can be sure that even children will not hurt them!

Plastic Knives fulfill their task

For the sake of Your comfort we offer plastic forks packed In 10, 24 and 100 pieces. This allows you to adjust the quantity to suit your acceptance. You can rest assured that they will never run out! A light weight, which makes it easy to transport, is an Additional advantage. Are you Imagining the lifting of 100 stainless steel knives? Exactly! Fortunately, thanks To Vi-Go This problem does not exist. Our Plastic knives are simply the maximum comfort.