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Plastic plates

Plastic plates

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viGO! Bio Square sugar cane plates 26x26cm, 6 pieces

3.99 zł gross 9.50 zł

viGO! Aluminum plates 22 cm - 6 pcs

7.63 zł gross

Plastic Plates have saved not one reception. It Pays to bet on it!

Are you planning an outdoor party or an escort meeting at a barbecue? In this case, we recommend plastic plates – a safe and comfortable solution. The Biggest advantage? Certainly universally. The plastic Plates are suitable for hot and cold dishes as well.

Looking for convenience? Plastic Plates are the answer!

The Start of the grilling season is mainly associated with dishwashing after each major event? If So, You should certainly be interested in our plastic plates. It is an absolute necessary picers, barbecs, outbreaks, or outdoor events for children. Thanks to the low price, it is not a pity to throw them away – and thus you gain the time and energy that you would have to put into cleaning. It is fully hygienic and safe, because in our shop you will find only plastic plates, which have the necessary approvals that allow them to come into contact with food.