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Baking pouches

Baking pouches

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1.00 zł - 6.00 zł

viGO! Baking bags size S, M, L, XL - 10 pcs

5.36 zł gross
  • -60%

viGO! Microwave cooking pouches

1.69 zł gross 4.22 zł

Baking Pouches. Become a MasterChef in your own kitchen!

Advantages of baking bags? We Already give:

  • Dishes are low-calorie and full of excellent taste,
  • Aroma, so the essence of the dish is "inside",
  • The whole prevents the food from burning and the oven getting dirty. Nobody likes to clean it...

You see it – the baking pouches are the basis if you want to create really tasty dishes. Admit, how often Your oven looks at You with a blast? He also deserves a little attention!

Baking Pouches never fail

Our baking pouches are made of durable material, which is not easy to destroy. Contrary! This guarantees stopping the whole aroma inside the baked food. You will feel a Huge difference after the first attempt. Just do not be surprised when after such an excellent lunch the family will start to Persuurge You to participate in one of the culinary programs...