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Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper

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7.00 zł - 8.00 zł

viGO! Naturalny papier do pakowanie żywności 8m

7.88 zł gross

Wrapping Paper – Take your sandwiches to work

Tired of sandwiches wrapped in a typical disposable film? Not quite that harmful to the environment, it's still horrible ugly... Do you want Your breakfast to resemble those you can see in American movies? It'S no longer a problem! Just Make sure you get the packaging paper from ViGO! Sounds Good, right? In fact, it's even better! Your sandwiches will now taste much better – why? As You know it is also a sight, so it is worth taking care of the good look of your breakfast.

Wrapping Paper – and everything becomes simpler

Imagine a perfectly packaged second breakfast, what do you see? Bread rolls filled with fresh products, wrapped in a sheaky wrapping paper... Sounds Tasty, right? Calmly – This is not another cheap advertising ploy, the perfect sandwich is at Your fingertips! It is Enough to purchase the right ingredients and excellent packaging paper from ViGO! Want to take a perfect second breakfast for your job? No problem, you can do this, even today!