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Worki HD standard

Worki HD standard

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1.00 zł - 8.00 zł

viGO! Bags for dog waste 15 pcs.

1.86 zł gross

viGO! Trash bags 18L - 30 pcs

3.24 zł gross

viGO! Trash bags 35L - 36 pcs

4.06 zł gross

viGO! Trash bags 35L - 50 pcs

4.87 zł gross

viGO! Trash bags 60L - 50 pcs

7.31 zł gross

viGO! Trash bags 60L - 28 pcs

5.28 zł gross

HD Standard Bags. Cleaning has never been so easy!

Sooner or later, there is always a moment of cleaning, whether after a larger family event, a festive feast, or a private party among friends. Only This rubbish of garbage reminds us how important are the appropriate... Bags. Here you will come with the help of HD standard bags: Hellish rugged, roomful and suitably thick. Believe us that this inconjectable jegomeness is a silent hero of any kitchen. Do You Imagine life without it? We Don't!

HD standard Bags are unmatched in this weight category

It could Be jokable that HD standard bags beat all the others on the head. The Truth is, however, that they simply perform their work effectively – they prevent unpleasant surprises in the form of leaked material, or the smell of propagating around the whole kitchen. Is It worth to bet on it? Surely. The Restrictive endurance tests carried out in our homes give us confidence that these bags will not fail.