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Paper platters

Paper platters

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viGO! Bio Round paper plates ⌀ 18 cm brown 20 pieces

7.31 zł gross

viGO! Bio Round paper plates ⌀18cm brown 20 pieces_zero waste

7.88 zł gross

viGO! Bio Round paper plates ⌀18cm white 24 pieces

6.66 zł gross

viGO! BIO Round paper plates ⌀15cm white 50pcs

9.67 zł gross

viGO! BIO Round Paper Plates ⌀ 18cm, white 50pcs

11.37 zł gross

viGO! Bio Round paper plates ⌀ 23 cm brown 20 pieces

9.42 zł gross

viGO! Bio Round paper plates ⌀ 23cm brown 20 pieces_zero waste

9.59 zł gross

viGO! Bio Rectangular paper plates 23cm white 24 pieces

8.61 zł gross

viGO! BIO Round Paper Plates ⌀26cm white 50pcs

23.41 zł gross

viGO! BIO Round Paper Plates ⌀29cm white 50pcs

30.07 zł gross

viGO! Standard Round paper plates ⌀ 23cm white 50 pieces

15.11 zł gross

viGO! BIO Paper plates white 18cm 6pcs

3.24 zł gross

Paper Plates are a practical and ecological solution. Let's get to the planet!

Paper Plates are suited for many situations. Most of all, of course, for all kinds of outdoor events, but also on larger houses, silhouecking, or children's events. Their Advantage is the versatility and comfort. Comfort resulting from the simple fact that after a successful play, it is enough to throw them without regret in the trash. Look up once and for all with the teditious washing of dishes!

Paper Plates are Eco!

The Low price of paper plates is not their only advantage. Another is lightness (providing easy transport anywhere!), the already mentioned ease of cleaning (siup to the Trash!) and... Ecological element. The paper Plates can be recycled using them for the production of other paper goods. In Our shop we appreciate caring for the planet – that's the common good of all of us! For Example, it is better to bet on paper plates. Inconfetive, though hellish effective and comfortable solution!