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LD Interleave Sacks

LD Interleave Sacks

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7.00 zł - 8.00 zł
  • -65%

viGO! Trash bags with drawstring 120L - 20 pcs

7.40 zł gross 21.13 zł

viGO! LDPE bags EXTRA STRONG 60l interleave

14.63 zł gross

viGO! Eco Bags LD with tape black interleave 120L 20 pieces

17.88 zł gross

viGO! Trash bags with drawstring 35L - 30 pcs

13.00 zł gross

viGO! Worki na śmieci z taśmą interleave 60L - 25 sztuk

14.63 zł gross

LD Interleave Bags – bet on the best option!

We Cannot imagine a house without trash bags and we are confident that for each such solution it would be completely absurd. No Wonder – Nowadays we are very attentive to chastity, among other things, so we are able to lead life at such a high level. Hygiene is one of the factors in which we manage to live a lot longer than our ancestors, so it is worth taking care of it with special care. To make it easier to separate your trash – get your ideal LD interleave bags and enjoy the cleanliness of your home!

Ecological solution? Only LD interleave bags from ViGO!

LD interleave Bags from ViGO! Is the perfect way to seperate trash – they are durable, comfortable to use and made of material that can be processed without any problem. Take Care of the natural environment and attitudes to ecological solutions! With Our cleaning products you will be able to enjoy cleanliness not only in your home, but also around the world!