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Plastic forks

Plastic forks

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3.00 zł - 10.00 zł

viGO! BIO Widelce 10 sztuk

7.31 zł gross
  • -40%

viGO! BIO Forks - 25 pcs

9.75 zł gross 16.25 zł

viGO! Bio Wooden forks 20 pieces

5.68 zł gross

viGO! Reusable forks 6pcs wood fiber

3.24 zł gross

viGO! Reusable forks 25pcs wood fiber

10.56 zł gross

Plastic Forks? Believe us that you will not find more durable!

Plastic Forks are great for ease and comfort. Everyone knows this. The Only thing that can disturb is their less durability. However, In Vi-Go There is no permission to be quality! We only Focus on truly durable products. On the market there is no better combination of functionality with the convenience and tranquility that plastic forks do not break on the first contact with food. You can now confidently invite your guests.

Plastic Forks are our specialty

Plastic Forks are already classics. This Essentials of dining options, popular food trucks, or all sorts of outdoor feads has been a permanent part of our landscape. In the Vi-Go we take care that you can benefit from truly sustainable products. We Give You the best choice – so sit back, browse our offer and choose the plastic forks that are best suited to Your acceptance!