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Plastic straws

Plastic straws

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4.00 zł - 5.00 zł

viGO! Paper straws 6 mm x 20 cm - 25 pcs

4.87 zł gross

Plastic Straws. Who imagined accepting today without them?

Plastic Straws are the basis of any event, starting from the house, through cocktail parties, to the picnic. It is also the basis in the wide gastronomy. Just wherever there are drinks in the cups, plastic straws are necessary. It's just a much more hygienic solution. Well, very practical: who imagined a good cocktail or a drink without distinctive straws? Exactly!

Plastic Straws for any beverage

Plastic Straws, which in its offer holds viGO! are absolutely safe, and use them can also children. For this, they are made of material intended to come into contact with drinks – it does not affect the taste or smell. Vigo! is Your quality assurance. Take Advantage of it! We sell the Whole in packs of 40 pieces. You can be sure that this is the best offer on the market.