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Kitchen Cleaners

Kitchen Cleaners

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3.00 zł - 4.00 zł

viGO! Metallic spiral scourer size M - 1 piece

3.24 zł gross

Kitchen and cookers – bring it to order!

If you're having trouble cleaning your kitchen – don't worry, we have a solution for it! Kitchen cleaners are able to get rid of any dirt, even the toughest! Don't you believe? It will Confirm everyone who has benefited from them, thanks to them you can get rid of even the greatest contamination. Traces after scorting? No problem! Dried fat? It Happens, you can get rid of it! Invest in a good quality kitchen cleaner and enjoy your clean kitchen!

Kitchen Purers from ViGO!

Do you want Your kitchen to shine? The kitchen Purers from ViGO will make it so! Take the cleaning service today, together with the products from our store. Cleaning up serious dirt has never been so easy, just a moment to clean up the whole kitchen! Invest in perfect order and take care of your home. With Kitchen Cleaners You will reduce unnecessary use of harmful cleaning chemicals.