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Disposable plastic cups

Disposable plastic cups

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6.00 zł - 25.00 zł
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viGO! Bowls 350 ml - 12 pcs

6.34 zł gross 10.56 zł

viGO! Bio Sugar cane bowls 500ml 6 pieces


viGO! Aluminum bowls 18 x 18 cm 610 ml - 6 pcs

7.07 zł gross

viGO! Aluminum bowls 18 x 18 cm 610 ml - 25 pcs

24.06 zł gross

Outdoor Party? Disposable plastic Cups will be perfect!

Disposable plastic Cups are the basis of any acceptance. Where else do you place a chipsy, salad or grilled meat? Exactly! It makes no sense to take with you classic counterparts of glass, porcelain or ceramics. These are much less practical, challenging and challenging to clean, and above all – the damage to each of us is to destroy them!

Disposable plastic Cups for the comfort of all of us

Disposable plastic Cups are just as good as the classic cookware. However, They have a number of unquestionable advantages, headed by a low price. Today, it is the absolute basis of any outdoor event, especially since the low weight of transport is simple. We have already chosen convenience. What about you?