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Aluminium centrepiece

Aluminium centrepiece

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6.00 zł - 10.00 zł

viGO! Aluminum trays size M - 2 pcs


viGO! Aluminum trays size L - 2 pcs

9.50 zł gross

Aluminum Sticks are the essentials of any receptions. Especially The Grill Party!

Well, it's hard to serve dishes on traditional porcelain or ceramic plates every time. Some receptions simply do not have this option. That is why we have introduced aluminium sticks to our offer. It is an indispensable element of any barbecue, picnic, or just a garden party together with your family or friends. Basic advantages? You can give them both sausages, carpours, fruits and vegetables, without having to wash them. This is a great comfort – you will be able to simply enjoy a common meeting, without the spectrum of hourly cleaning and scoing dishes!

Aluminum Sticks perfectly fulfill their task

In viGO! You will find aluminum sticks in two sizes. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, our aluminium sticks are dedicated to food contact. It Does not affect its taste or smell. All of course have the necessary attests.