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HD bags with ears

HD bags with ears

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4.00 zł - 9.00 zł

Trash bags with ears 35L - 26 pcs

4.63 zł gross

Premium HD Tie bags blue 35L 26 pcs

8.61 zł gross

Trash bags with ears 60L - 18 pcs

7.80 zł gross

Trash bags with ears 60L - 26 pcs


Trash bags wavetop strawberry 35L - 26 pcs

6.33 zł gross

Trash bags with ears lavender 35L - 26 pcs

6.33 zł gross

Trash bags wavetop strawberry 60L - 18 pcs

7.31 zł gross

Trash bags with ears lavender 60L - 18 pcs

7.31 zł gross

HD Ears Bags – Highest quality material

In viGO! We like effective and practical solutions. That's why we offer our Customers HD bags with ears. Their easy closure ensures comfort of use and free movement. With Maximum durability, you don't have to worry about the bag getting cracked when you touch it with any material. Importantly, they are made with respect for the planet. What does it mean? The Fact that they are fully ecological, making them recyclable!

HD Bags with ears can neutralize unpleasant odours

We have a surprise for You: in viGO! You Will find HD bags with ears that... Neutralize unpleasant odours. Exactly! Replace the unpleasant smell of rubbish with a pleasant strawberry aroma. But That's not all – bags are made with special materials, so they don't stick together. This solution is very suitable for Us, because we appreciate the convenience and practicality. Will you Join us?